public adjuster
Public Adjusters

Public Adjuster

A Public Adjuster or PA represents individuals and businesses that have suffered a residential or commercial property loss. Public Adjusters might also be called Claims Adjusters. What’s important is that the Public Adjuster works for you to negotiate the best pay out for your property loss.

The difference between a Public Adjuster and an Insurance Claim Representative is that the Public Adjuster represents you, while the Insurance Claim Representative represents the interest of the insurance company. That makes a big difference in determining the final pay out for your property loss claim.

Don’t risk a lower claim pay out than your valuable property is worth. With DMA on your side, the difference will be in your favor!


On-site inspection of property loss
Written for structure & contents losses
Fast & Accurate
Available Nationwide (provide scope notes)

Estimates with floor plan diagrams
Estimates from your scope notes